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Thursday, October 1st 8pm EST

On Thursday, October 1st at 8pm ET, we’re playing our first live-stream of the Fish Pond Fish and quarantine eras! We’re finally back together in person after six long months apart and we’ll be at our favorite local studio trying out and previewing the new album songs, recalling the old songs, being with each other, and basking in the glow of your beautiful virtual presence. Tickets grant you 48-hour access to the stream in case you can't join us live. 

Single Ticket $15

You’re in for the stream and 100% of your $15 is going directly to the band.

Group Ticket $25

You’re watching with others. Perhaps a partner / child / socially distant group of friends or enemies? Or maybe you just want to contribute a bit more to the band? This one’s for you!

Livestream Ticket + CD $40 (SOLD OUT)

We’ll see you Thursday and you’ll see a signed CD in the mail right around release time. Actually, we sadly won’t see you Thursday but will feel the warmth of your presence. You’ll see us, hopefully. 

Livestream Ticket + Signed Fish Pond Fish LP $50 (SOLD OUT)

You’ll be streaming and spinning - celebrating the most digital we’ve gone while keeping it old fashioned too. What a complex being you are.

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