Fiji's 51st Pacific Island Birthday Bash

Fiji's 51st Pacific Island Birthday Bash

Saturday, May 15th, 2021

6:00pm Sydney, Australia / 8:00pm New Zealand, Fiji & Tonga

George “Fiji” Veikoso–born in Fiji but raised in Hawaii–is a Fijian, Jawaiian (island) reggae, Hip-Hop, R&B, Rhythm and Blues, and Jazz vocalist, songwriter, and music producer. Fiji is one of the biggest Polynesian artists of our time. His music is spiritual and multidimensional: it’s about love, it’s about culture, it’s about community, it’s about truth, it’s about self identity and real life experiences.

Over the past year during the pandemic, unlike many, Fiji has had the opportunity to continue performing for his international fanbase, headlining shows including the sold out One Love Festival with an attendance of 40,000 people. 

From the comfort of your home come celebrate the legend’s 51st Birthday with a live virtual concert–Fiji & Friends From Hawaii!

Unlimited replay available for 72 hours after the show


$12.00  |  Livestream Ticket