Kelsey’s Holiday Peck-Tacular

Kelsey’s Holiday Peck-Tacular

Friday, December 18, 2020 8PM EST // 5PM PST

Welcome to my farm in Nashville, TN! I’m so thankful you’re here! With the music industry shut down, we have to find creative ways to perform because “the show must go on!”  

This show will be fun: a little running (aka hopping) with our lambs, Sam & Chelsey, a little feeding our 35 chickens and 7 ducks some treats, and lots of music in my studio.  

I’ll be playing new songs, old songs, and a few of my favorite covers. I have exciting musical news that will be announced in the new year, so stay tuned! 

Pour yourself a mug of egg nog, let your Christmas tree lights twinkle & cuddle up with  the people you’re quarantined with. Don’t forget.. there’s a little girl in Tennessee and at least 50 birds who are rooting for you! We’re all in this together! 

Ticket Options:

$20 | Live Stream Ticket

$60 | Live Stream Ticket + Merch Bundle

  • Includes Bandana, Poster, and Keychain

Add-On Options:

$10 | Chicken Buddy Keychain 

This happy little keychain is sure to brighten your set of keys and your day! Designed and handmade by my super talented sister-in-law, Sierra Schoening, at the Bleep Bloop Shop in NYC.

$15 | Limited Edition Poster

This 8x10 poster was Illustrated by Erick Martinez and printed by hand in Nashville, TN. 

$20 | Limited Edition Bandana

Keep the love of our farm in your back pocket, framed on your wall, or heck..maybe use it as a mask on your next trip to the grocery store! This bandana features our silly Rooster, Boyd, Illustrated by my good friend Juliana Richer Daily. Make it a Peck-Tacular day, or not..the choice is yours! 

     Merch Items will ship 3-4 weeks after the show.