You Knew It Was Me Vinyl [Mint Green]

You Knew It Was Me Vinyl [Mint Green]

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$23.00  |  You Knew It Was Me Vinyl [Mint Green]

The vinyl version of SYML's You Knew It Was Me album features six new piano compositions on side A and six piano renditions of classic SYML songs. 2nd pressing on mint green vinyl.

Side A Track Listing:

1.) I Wanted To Leave
2.) In Between Breaths
3.) Next To You
4.) Pure
5.) Bright As Ever
6.) Where We Landed

Side B Track Listing:

1.) Take Me Apart (Piano Version)
2.) Girl (Piano Version)
3.) Wildfire (Piano Version)
4.) Symmetry (Piano Version)
5.) Where's My Love (Piano Version)

Will ship on or around May 15, 2021.

Does not include ticket to SYML: Live From St Marks live stream.